Anago announces new improved Anago Analyzer – Knife Edition at IPPE21

Anago announces new improved Anago Analyzer – Knife Edition at IPPE21

The Anago team is delighted to release the new improved Anago Analyzer at the IPPE21 marketplace via the new product video showcase.  The Anago Analyzer ”“ Knife Edition functions 20% faster and offers a number of real and practical improvements for the operator.  

“Early in 2020, I set the Anago engineering team a challenge, find operational efficiencies for knife tutors.   I am very pleased with the engineering and design improvements, which have resulted in a better user experience, whilst improving productivity and yield to the protein sector,” says Peter Dowd, Founder at Anago.  

For those who are looking at upgrading from the existing KST200e and KST 300e the notable improvements are: 

  • The machine footprint is more compact and streamlined, along with sensible power and data cable placement.
  • Changing the shape has allowed the machine to be more easily lifted and moved.
  • The need for an additional laptop has been removed. The new Analyzer includes a fully integrated touchscreen, with adjustable viewing angle.
  • The 10 inch touch resistive screen is compatible with gloves and features large button controls.
  • USB ports allow the use of a keyboard/ mouse.
  • Dedicated storage space for the calibration mass.
    Improvements to the laser guiding system.

The improved Anago Analyzer ”“ Knife Edition will be available six weeks from date of order. 

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