1How and by whom is a knife sharpness tester used?
The knife sharpness tester is used by a knife room technician or trainer in a meat plant. He/She uses the objective knife test results to guide changes in sharpening technique, improving sharpening processes and skill. The operator then reports the data to a safety or operations manager. Many of the larger companies with multiple plants will then make the data available to someone assigned at corporate level who can view the data from all facilities once uploaded to the Anago Sharpness Dashboard (more on the dashboard later).
2Is it quick and easy to use?
Yes. Simply clamp the blade in place, enter the test data to be captured and hit GO. Note: test media needs to be tensioned on the non-automated machine. Total test time per knife is usually 1 - 2 minutes.
3What user requirements are there?
The equipment is designed to suit all user skill levels. Training is also provided to ensure correct operation and optimum use of the data generated.
4What are the installation requirements?
  • Flat, stable bench or table surface 1 m (3 ft) wide x 70cm (2 ft) deep, with clear frontal access
  • 110-240 volt single-phase (standard) power supply
  • Adjacent computer running Windows operating system (XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10) for installation of operating software (If the operating software is installed on a laptop or tablet the portability of the KST can be utilised)
  • Cover when not in use if area is dusty or damp
5Is maintenance required?
The Sharpness Tester requires regular calibration of the load cell to ensure consistency of tests results. Typically users will calibrate once or twice a week or after testing particularly dull blades. Beyond calibration, virtually no maintenance is required aside from keeping it clean and dry, and periodically cleaning and lubricating the drive screw.
6What sort of support is offered?
Anago offers comprehensive product support, from head office and through our network of distributors. We are ready to answer any queries and dispatch trained service technicians, if required. Comprehensive operation manuals are provided with all products, and full training is offered at installation.