Sharper scalpels

Cleaner, more precise incisions

Less drag, reduced tissue trauma

The Anago Scalpel Sharpness Tester (SST) enables you to guarantee the sharpness levels of your blades with the objective test results to prove it.

The SST can identify and pin point blunt spots along the blade prompting optimization of sharpening techniques and systems, ensuring the most effective tools and methods are utilized.

The objective sharpness results can be used to optimise the design of blades, sharpening equipment, and sharpening techniques.

Significant benefits are also obtained in product development and testing. By using the SST, you will be able to compare sharpness variations between blade types, sharpening methods and sharpening systems. This will give you accurate, objective and factual analysis for your product development team and provide you with continuous improvement of sharpening systems and blade design.

Clients in the Medical Industry using the Anago Sharpness Tester

  • Southmedic
  • Hologic
  • Sterilance