About Anago

Anago Limited is a technology company based in Hamilton, New Zealand.  We specialize in products that improve safety and production performance, primarily in the food processing industry.

The Founders’ vision, shared by the highly qualified team at Anago, is to create technology that improves safety and production performance, while improving the quality of life for all our customers’ employees, by making their jobs safer and easier on the body.

Anago invented and commercialized knife sharpness testing technology that has been instrumental in the improvement of knife sharpness levels and sharpening skills throughout the United States, Australasia, and Europe. We have also developed comprehensive incident, hazard, and absence management and benchmarking software, AnagoSafe.

Anago knife sharpness tester technology is represented and serviced by Anago and our distributor networks located throughout the world. Please contact us to find your nearest representative.


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