Anago’s sharpness testers are used to provide accurate sharpness data/results wherever blades are designed, manufactured, tested, used and re-sharpened.

The range of applications includes knife manufacturers, scalpel manufacturers, food processing companies, educational and training institutions, research organisations, industry associations and manufacturers of associated equipment (such as knife sharpening equipment).

Examples of recent applications include:

  • Knife sharpening room in a meat/seafood/vegetable processing plant
  • Research and Development department at a knife designer
  • Quality Control department at a knife manufacturing plant
  • Quality Control department at a scalpel manufacturing plant
  • Knife sharpening training at a butchery/chef training institute
  • Quality Control department at a commercial knife re-sharpener
  • A University lab performing research into topics such as the effect of meat temperature on cutting forces, and sharpness level on muscle activation.
  • Laboratory at meat research institute
  • Quality Assurance laboratory of knife sharpening equipment manufacturer
  • A workplace H&S organization increasing sharpening skills across the industry and increasing awareness of the importance of knife sharpness.


The Anago sharpness tester range was initially developed from the Anago Knife Sharpness Tester (KST). The KST was initially produced to benefit the food processing industry by improving the sharpness of cutting tools. It was and still is commonly inserted in the knife sharpening room to allow for quick testing and immediate feedback, close to where the knives are used on the production line.

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