Spare Parts:

Sharpness Tester Spare Parts

Spare parts can be ordered from Anago via email (

Contact Anago for up-to-date pricing.  Please use the part code when ordering spare parts or making inquiries about parts.

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SPARE PARTS Applicable ModelNotes
KST-LCLoad CellKST (all models) 
KST-LC-ALoad Cell AssemblyKST (all models)Includes top self-locking clamp
KST-SLCTop Self-locking ClampKST (all models) 
KST-RPC-FKRapid Clamp Kit (full assembly)KST (all models)Includes knife clamp base mount
KST-RPC-KRapid Clamp Kit (excludes base mount)KST (all models) 
KST-RPC-LRapid Clamp LidKST (all models)Requires rapid clamp
KST-RPC-PD-BBottom Rapid Clamp Pad SetKST (all models)Requires rapid clamp
KST-RPC-PD-TTop Rapid Clamp Pad SetKST (all models)Requires rapid clamp
KST-BMSABottom media shaft adapterKST Auto 
KST-KYPKeypadKST (all models) 
KST-LMCLower Media ClampKST (all models)Includes set of pads
KST-LMC-PLower Media Clamp Pad SetKST (all models) 
KST-MCAMedia Clamp ActuatorKST Auto 
KST-MDS-12KST200e Motor & Drive AssemblyKST200e 
KST-MDS-15KST300e Motor & Drive AssemblyKST300e 
KST-PCBS-400Motherboard—Standard Config v4.00KST Standard 
KST-PCBA-400Motherboard—Auto Config v4.00KST Auto 
KST-PCBA-400-AMotherboard (Auto Board Only)KST Auto 
KST-PIPhoto InterrupterKST Auto 
KST-PI-SPPhoto Interrupter SpindleKST Auto 
KST-POTPotentiometerKST (all models) 
KST-TMSATop Media Shaft AdapterKST Auto 
KST-BATTReplacement BatteryKST (all models) 
KST-SIScreen InsertKST AutoSpecify which insert is required
KST-TMGTop Media GuideKST (all models) 
KST-PWR-WPower Cable with waterproof fittingKST (all models) 
KST-USB-5WUSB Cable with waterproof fitting (5m length)KST (all models) 
KST-USB-2WUSB Cable with waterproof fitting (2m length)KST (all models) 
KST-GSGuard Screen SetKST Standard 
KST-KCBMKnife Clamp Base MountKST (all models) 
KST-LAS-BLaser ButtonKST (all models) 
KST-LAS-UGLaser Upgrade KitKST (all models) 
KST-LASReplacement Lasers (Laser modules, Bracket and screws)KST (all models) 
KST-MDM-BBottom Test Media Motor DriveKST Auto 
KST-MDM-TTop Test Media Motor DriveKST Auto 
KST-TB-4Clamping T-Bolts (set of 4)KST StandardFor old knife clamp
KST-CP-4Clamping Prongs (set of 4)KST StandardFor old knife clamp
KST-TMHTop Media HolderKST Standard 
KST-BMHBottom Media HolderKST Standard 
KST-CM-22kg Calibration MassKST (all models) 

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