Genuine Anago Test Media

The Anago Sharpness Tester range uses one consumable – genuine Anago Test Media which is cut during each test.

The genuine Anago Test Media is specifically prepared for operation within an Anago Sharpness Tester to provide consistent and accurate results.  

Are you using Genuine Anago Test Media?

It has come to our attention that fake test media is in the marketplace being sold as ‘Anago Test Media’.  It is not manufactured to Anago guidelines, nor has authorization been provided by Anago to produce this replica of the genuine Anago Test Media.  Anago takes no responsibility for the variation in Anago Score results when using this fake product.

What impact does it have on my scores?

  1. The Analyzer is a finely set up machine – it performs best with no movement in the core and with consistently tensioned media.
  2. The tension of the wound test media is key to getting an accurate score – variation and movement has a direct impact on the algorithm used to provide the Anago Score.

How do I spot the difference between the fake and the genuine?

  1. Check out the tightness of the white material – genuine Anago Test Media is wound tightly and is very rigid and secure when handled.
  2. The packaging – is it a different box to the photo above?
  3. The label - each roll is labelled with our genuine sticker as shown in above photo.  
  4. Price – we manufacture in both the United States and New Zealand have standard pricing across the world – USD $344.17, Euro €294.16 and AUD $478.00.

What to do if I find I have been supplied it?

  1. If you have inadvertently been ordering what is called ‘Anago Test Media’ we can swap out for no cost to genuine Anago Test Media. It is important to get the most accurate and repeatable scores.  Please send an email to and we will happily provide you with the genuine Anago Test Media free of charge.    


Genuine Anago Test Media with packaging and labels.

Each roll tests approx. 80-120 knives, depending on blade length and the gap left between tests.  (We recommend 25mm / 1 inch gap) 
Each roll tests approx. 385 scalpels, depending on blade length and the gap left between tests.  (We recommend 15mm / 5/8 inch gap)



Part Code:Part Description:Details:
ST-TM-5A box (5 rolls, 25m per roll) of Anago Sharpness Test MediaEach Roll Tests approx. 80-120 knives, depending on blade length and the gap left between tests.       (We recommend 25mm/1 inch gaps.)


2KG Calibration Mass

The calibration mass is used to calibrate the load cell of the Anago knife and scalpel sharpness tester range. We recommend regular calibration to ensure the consistency of results and to optimize the performance of your sharpness tester.


Part code:              Part description:                     Details:

ANG-HFCM-2         Calibration mass 2kg                   Standard 2kg mass with hassle-free handle


CM-hasslefree with hanging image-3

 Hyper Rugged Carry Case

The Anago knife and scalpel sharpness testers can be provided to you pre-packed into a rugged Pelican carry case. These cases are internationally recognized as providing superior protection for sensitive equipment that needs to endure the rigours of transportation as part of normal use.

Please specify KST type (200e or 300e) when placing a separate order for a carry case.    

Part code:           Part description:                       Details:

KST-HRCC-A         Hyper Rugged Carry Case            applicable for KST auto models and SSTs

KST-HRCC-S          Hyper Rugged Carry Case            applicable for KST standard models 


image KST200e case

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