Objectively quantify competency of trainees

Enhance curriculum offering

Provide world leading industry training

Meat and industry research

The objective feedback provided by the Anago knife sharpness analyzer allows trainers and students to fine tune their sharpening techniques by using the results from each sharpness test to prompt changes and improvements.

The result is a continuous improvement in both sharpening methods and sharpness levels.

Using the Anago KST ensures that the most effective sharpening techniques are being taught and the quantifiable results eliminate any perception of subjectivity. The Anago KST also enhances your curriculum offering and allows student competency to be easily monitored, audited and benchmarked.

Our customers tell us that collecting data from students and staff has also increased the level of friendly competition between students with each continually striving to achieve higher scores. This has resulted in more productive learning and higher quantifiable performance standards.

As well as training, the KST makes a great tool for research related to knife sharpness. Some examples of this include:

  • Research into cutting forces and their relation to Muscular skeletal diseases
  • Ritual slaughter and sharpness standards
  • Meat temperature vs cutting forces
  • Knife sharpness and cutting forces

Trainers using the KST

  • TAFE Southern Queensland
  • Central West Community College
  • Danish Meat Association
  • KTH School of Technology and Health
  • Danish Technological Institute