Introducing AnagoSharp.

Introducing AnagoSharp.

Please note: screen includes Analytics data (which is an additional cost).

The new software for your Anago knife sharpness testing system. 

We are delighted to present our latest tool to improve your knife sharpness – a new and improved software called AnagoSharp.

Our improved software offers an easier to use interface plus automatic updates, whilst still providing the Anago Score test data. 

To download the latest software, follow the instructions at the bottom of this page – rest assured, you will get to keep all of your existing tests and custom field data.


What’s new

Interface overhaul
We’ve updated our interface to a modern and sleek look which is easier to use and fits the Anago system better.

AnagoSharp Analytics
AnagoSharp includes our detailed sharpness test Analytics, so you can track trends from within the software. Based on information entered at the time of test, you will be able to see sharpness performance like never before, targeting problem areas for improved results. Analytics includes access to the web dashboard.
*Analytics costs $45/mo billed annually.

Auto-update enabled
The new AnagoSharp software will continue to be improved and will load new updates as they are released, so you always know you are up to date.