Counterfeit Test Media

Have you been sold genuine Anago® Test Media?
Or have you been DUPED?

Genuine Anago® Test Media is specially prepared for operation with the Anago Sharpness Testers to provide consistent and accurate results.

Our team of experts has completed a series of rigorous tests to compare the performance of our genuine Anago® Test Media compared to the fake test media circulating in the marketplace.

The outcome of these tests has shown that the fake test media provides an inaccurate Anago® Score and overstates the sharpness of a knife, producing a false high score. This scoring error is not consistent and deviates according to actual knife sharpness.

In practice, what are the implications of the Anago® Score when using fake test media?

  1. Customers will believe blades are at an acceptable sharpness level, when they actually need improvement.
  2. Duller blades will result in reduced productivity.
  3. Safety performance may be reduced while the risk of injury increases.
  4. Customers may overlook vital opportunities to improve their sharpening systems and processes.

In summary, the fake test media is hiding dull knives and prevents customers from improving their systems, resulting in reduced productivity and safety performance.

Non-genuine Test Media is also breaking registered Trademarks for Anago and KST-TM-5. The unauthorised use of registered Trademarks by producing and trading counterfeit goods is often referred to as brand piracy.

You can ensure your Anago® Test Media quality, and therefore the effectiveness and accuracy of your Anago® Knife Sharpness Tester, by purchasing from our authorized distributors, found on our website at

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