Anago now provides knife testing service

For years access to Anago’s revolutionary sharpness testing technology has been out of reach for small companies, clubs, and individuals. This is no longer the case! We have listened to you and are now proud to announce the launch of our sharpness testing service. Ideal for any business where sharp blades are important (knife manufacturers, sharpening equipment manufacturers, food processors, hunting, fishing etc). This service allows you to test and monitor the performance of your knives, blades.

The Anago sharpness testing service allows everyone regardless of scale and sharpening equipment to objectively evaluate the performance of sharpening systems and tools, providing an accurate audit of sharpening practices. This can be particularly important for ensuring a high safety and production standard in a food processing environment, and ensuring products are sharp and/or can create a sharp edge for knife and knife sharpening equipment manufacturers.

The test provides a non-destructive measurement of sharpness along the entire length of the blade, with each test receiving a sharpness score out of ten and a graphical profile of the knife edge from the tip of the blade to the heel. This enables any dull spots or areas where sharpness levels can be improved to be easily identified. You can also layer different tests on top of each other for direct comparisons, competitions and to determine changes in sharpness over time.

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