Anago to attend AMI World Food Expo

Anago is pleased to announce that it will be attending the AMI (American Meat Institute) Food Expo in Chicago 13th-16th of April.

This is the largest event for the meat, poultry & seafood processing industries, with over 5000 buyers and 400 exhibitors from 100 countries attending. The expo showcases the latest technology, equipment innovations, supplies, services and ingredients for the meat processing industry, as well as a range of guest speakers, including high profile CEO’s and government officials.

Although we are not exhibiting, Anago is more than happy to organize a time to discuss the opportunities and benefits provided from the implementation of an objective sharpness testing regime into your knife sharpening practices. If you would like to organize a meeting with us during the expo, send an email to  , or call us on +1 (352) 397 2858.