Anago hones Cozzini Bros’ Sharpening Service

Anago hones Cozzini Bros’ Sharpening Service

Cozzini Bros Video - KST-2

Cozzini Bros, America’s largest commercial knife rental and knife sharpening service, serves 45,000+ customers, including some of the largest and most recognizable restaurant and grocery chains in the United States.

A key component of their guarantee to produce the sharpest knives is the ability to measure sharpness. Their use of the industry-standard Anago KST equips their sharpeners with accurate, objective, whole-of-blade sharpness and gives Cozzini Bros and their customers confidence in the service they provide.

As Dolf Gonzalez (Director of Operations) says, “What we love about the Anago knife sharpness tester is that it provides us with instant feedback on our knife sharpening operations, allowing us to fine tune our sharpening techniques. This enables Cozzini to objectively measure sharpness to provide consistently sharp knives to our customers.”

View the Anago KST in a video about Cozzini Bros’ history here.