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Current models of the Knife Sharpness Tester are:


  • Anago Testimonial - Alliance
    "The Sharpness Tester allowed us to not only test people’s knives, but also help them evaluate the results and send them away with instructions to improve their sharpening technique. They could return in five minutes, retest their knife and see a huge improvement."
    Garry Drake (Production Manager)
    Alliance Pukeuri, New Zealand
  • Anago Testimonial - Tyson Foods
    "Implementing the Anago KST200e Sharpness Analyzer has resulted in reduced Workers Compensation claims, reduced knife usage and improved Team productivity. All this without having to replace our sharpening equipment or personnel."
    Sonia Mavromatis (Plant Safety Manager)
    Tyson Foods, Temperanceville VA, USA
  • Anago Testimonial - Cargill
    "I like the fact we have something concrete to show people about their knife. If they are having trouble sharpening or maintaining their knife, we can actually verify that. I would definitely recommend it to other sites."
    Connie Beinhart (Safety Manager)
    Cargill Meats, Ottumwa, Iowa, USA
  • Anago Testimonial - South West TAFE
    "By objectively measuring knife sharpness and then adjusting sharpening techniques, an outstanding payback can be produced in terms of increased worker productivity, improved motivation and a reduction in injuries."
    David Beard (Manager)
    South West Institute of TAFE, Australia
  • Anago Testimonial - Silver Fern Farms
    "Better knife sharpening techniques have resulted in higher yields, with workers able to cut much closer to the bone."
    Pat Fitzgerald (Chief Knife Tutor)
    Silver Fern Farms, New Zealand
  • Anago Testimonial - Teys
    "We have implemented a testing program for new and old employees which gives us the information we need to identify where further training is required, as well as setting minimum sharpness requirements for both new hires and more experienced knifehands."
    Kevin Hudson (OHS Manager)
    Teys Australia, Rockhampton
  • Anago Testimonial - Tru Hone
    "Now we have a more accurate, objective measurement system that gives us an accurate picture of which sharpening procedure works best for individual knife and blade types."
    James Gangelhoff (President)
    Tru Hone Corporation

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