Anago Product Release – Trimmer Sharpness Tester (TST100)

Anago Product Release – Trimmer Sharpness Tester (TST100)

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On the back of the worldwide success of the Anago Knife Sharpness Tester (KST) and multiple requests from the industry, Anago has developed the Trimmer Sharpness Tester (TST), a device to measure the sharpness of circular “Whizard” style blades.

The TST is now in use at its first major US meat processing customer, and will be on display at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta February 12-14, 2019.

The TST provides a repeatable and non-destructive measurement of a range of circular blade types and sizes, including the Q620, 620M2, Q750, 750M2, Q850, 850M2, Q1000 and 1000M2.

The results from the TST allow users to establish best practice blade sharpening and maintenance through:

  • Determining the optimum swap out rate for re-sharpening and / or eventual disposal
  • The adjustment of sharpening equipment and techniques to increase sharpness level and sharpness consistency
  • The appropriate matching of edge preparation to task type to increase edge life

The resulting increase in sharpness leads to a reduction in overuse injuries, faster cutting speed, and increased yield.

For more information on the trimmer sharpness tester and how it can benefit your operations, visit us at IPPE (booth B7874), or send us an email